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My name is Alban Bleicher. I'm a seventeen years old french guy who loves webdesign. Since three years now I chose the IT option at my high school Benjamin Franklin, in Auray, France.
I know some langages such as HTML and CSS since two years now, and I'm currently learning Javascript. The IT option introduced me to Arduino, Processing, and p5.js.
On my free time, I have two passions. Music : I sing and play guitar since a little bit more than a year, and sport : I swim since I'm 11. I'm quiet comfortable with softwares such as Photoshop or Lightroom, and I'm starting to learn about video editing softwares, with Premiere Pro for exemple. I also make UI templates with Figma (free alternative to Adobe XD).
I love to undertake projects, and that's a thing I've discovered with the High School association. I have for exemple, planned prom, launched a campain against bullying, and designed sweatshirts for the students. It represents for me an investment to others and to myself.

or you can also use my mail adress : albanbleicher@outlook.com